The importance of detoxifying the liver

Dieta depurativa y detoxificante

Regain your health and vitality

Our liver is the largest filter in the body, and in just one minute it manages to filter 1.5 liters of blood. Due to insufficient and unbalanced diet, as well as toxins in the diet (additives, pesticides, heavy metals), added to electromagnetic radiation (wifi, mobile phone and antennas), stress, smoke from cars, pollution and repressed emotions (anger, resentment, etc.), this organ becomes saturated, and although it can work overloaded for years, it suffers in silence. 

There are symptoms that warn us that the liver or intestines are working hard: fatty liver, cholesterol, triglycerides, allergies, skin problems, etc. If we do not act in time, it can evolve into an even greater pathology. Even pharmacological medication, such as antidepressants or anti-inflammatories, tend to aggravate the situation, since they generate even more liver overload as a side effect.

Clear examples that we need to go through a detoxification process are tiredness, fatigue, heaviness, headache, intestinal irregularity, muscle or joint pain, a feeling of confusion, depression, interrupted sleep , among others.

detoxification process

With a purifying diet and detoxifying adapted to each situation, in addition to correcting the condition, we manage to prevent possible complications and improve our quality of life. The benefits are immediate and our well-being affects our entire being, since we feel lighter, healthier and with more energy, restoring good humor and health.

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