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Carolina Holzmann

I am Carolina Holzmann, a NutritionistDietitian in Palma de Mallorca with over 30 years of experience accompanying and guiding people who are looking for a change in their diet to achieve their goals and improve their health.

My desire to learn and provide a more comprehensive guide to my patients led me to the world of Active Cellular Nutrition and Orthomolecular Nutrition, allowing me to treat cellular imbalances to restore vitality to the body.

Motivated, in addition, to uncovering what lies behind the symptoms, I delved into the study of Holistic Kinesiology, a practical and effective method that allows testing energetic, biochemical, or emotional imbalances.

Other tools that help me in nutritional support sessions include Food Intolerance Testing, Biomagnetic Pair, Quantum Healing, Tapping, and Reiki, which can be applied according to each patient’s specific needs.

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