Emotional Blockages

Our physical body retains the emotional information of every lived experience that has been repressed and not expressed, including inherited emotional information, in the form of energetic blockages, trapped energy, or trapped emotions. 

This affects our health by blocking organs, meridians, chakras, hindering the proper flow of energy in the body, or creating psychological reversals (self-sabotage) that silently generate conditions, physical pain, emotional pain, or pathologies without our awareness. 

An example of this can be food cravings, uncontrollable snacking, or the hidden intention of our subconscious to sabotage our weight loss or achievement goals. 

I specialize in applying specific techniques of Holistic Kinesiology to access this hidden information in the subconscious and thus eliminate the negative emotional burden that affects and blocks us, whether they are trapped emotions, past traumas, unfiled information that remains anchored in the subconscious, etc.

I also use techniques of emotional release such as EVIL (Visual Light Stimulation), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Tapping (Acupressure Tapping Technique), Reiki, or Quantum Healing as a complement to rebalance the patient.

Free yourself from the emotional burdens that block your well-being. Allow your body and mind to renew themselves to achieve emotional balance.

Holistic Kinesiology

Holistic Kinesiology is a practical and effective method where the patient’s body resonates with specific testing vials or mudras, allowing me to locate and treat biochemical, energetic, emotional, or electromagnetic imbalances in person and remotely. 

“Holistic” comes from the Greek word “Holos” and means “Whole,” integrating the human being as an indivisible unit , not just the sum of its parts. Therefore, the patient is not only the physical body we see but also the aspects we cannot see, such as the emotional, biochemical, energetic, and electromagnetic aspects. To restore balance, all spheres that compose the patient must be addressed.

For example, when faced with symptoms like abdominal bloating, this resonance technique provides me with information about the cause: presence of pathogens (Candida, Helicobacter Pylori, etc.), food intolerances, heavy metal or pesticide intoxication, nutrient deficiencies, lack of digestive enzymes, SIBO (small intestinal bacterial overgrowth), intestinal dysbiosis, trapped negative emotional energy in a digestive organ, blocked chakras, etc.

This wonderful resonance technique also suggests the best treatment for each patient, the need for nutritional supplements, the application of Biomagnetic Pair for pathogens, etc. Combined with my knowledge and 30 years of experience in nutritional consulting, it allows me to treat my patients with greater certainty and effectiveness.

Emotional Unblocking

Free Your Emotions for a Fulfilling Life.

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