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Discover the inspiring stories of people who have transformed their lives through nutrition and expert counseling. Read their testimonials and learn how they have achieved their health and wellness goals.

Paula Di Yorio


I’m delighted with Carolina! She is a highly committed professional who is passionate about what she does. I’ve been on a diet and kinesiology plan with her for a few months now, and it has completely changed my lifestyle. I highly recommend her.

Alejandro Colomar


If you are looking for dedication, a friendly approach, and a professional, you have found the right place. Highly recommended without a doubt!

Juana Diaz Najarro


She is a fabulous nutritionist and provides great help to her patients. She is very compassionate towards her patients. I’m very happy with her. Both my daughter and I are very satisfied with the kinesiology treatment. It has alleviated my strong stomach pain. 😊😊😊😊😊😊👋👋👋👋💗

Macarena Salas


Excellent professional and person, values her patients in an integrative way, taking into account all aspects, not only the physical but also the emotional and mental, which is essential to achieve internal balance. And she takes care of your health in the most natural way! I highly recommend her 100%!

Melody Maria Cundari


Very professional and attentive to everything you need. I feel very comfortable with her and with all the information she provides me every time I go! Thank you, Carolina. 💞

Maria José Serra


Carolina is an excellent professional. In just 1 session she gave me a correct diagnosis and I am already feeling much better. I recommend it and I recommend trying kinesiology, since it is what allows you to know what your body needs at all times.

Julieta Waisfeld


Excellent professional and person. From the very first moment, she makes you feel so comfortable and close that it touches your emotions. I have no words to describe what I have felt throughout the session. It has moved me to tears. An incredible experience that I highly recommend. You are unique, Carolina. Thank you for everything!!!

María García


As a wonderful person and an excellent professional! She helped me eat well, and thanks to that, I lost weight without even realizing it and without going hungry. She always gives you many ideas to combine dishes with the things you like. She doesn’t prohibit anything, she simply adapts to your tastes. Thank you for everything!!

Eduardo Pion


I lost a lot of weight, and the best part is learning good habits. A great professional, highly recommended.

Isabel Pérez


I met Carolina in a Nutrition course that she taught. There are no words to express everything I learned about food, nutrients, poisons that we eat without knowing it, trapped emotions, anxieties… It was a super complete course, theory reinforced with her great experience. She opened my eyes to the reality in which we are involved and that sometimes makes us sick. She is an extraordinary person, as well as an excellent professional. I was so delighted with her course that I immediately wanted my children to go to her office, I was worried about her way of feeding on her, physically and emotionally from her. What Carolina has achieved with them has been a success. She uses food to heal but complements it with other techniques, treating the patient as a whole and not just as a body! Thank you Carolina, thank you for working so hard for us to see the path of Health! I wish there were many professionals like you! Kisses!
“You don’t have to diet, you have to change your eating habits”

Dirección Académica Lincoln


I have had the blessing of knowing Carolina from a DISTANCE; exactly, she in Spain and I in Ecuador. She has helped me immensely to improve my health through biomagnetism. At first I was very incredulous but surprisingly and inexplicably my health improved 100%. Besides, I cannot fail to recognize the warmth, kindness, humanitarian sense and many more that describe Carolina. Thank you very much Carolina and infinite blessings!!!

Vanessa Eko Espases


She helped me lose weight and improve my health without any need to go hungry. In fact, I eat more than I did before with recipes that don’t make me feel like I’m on a diet!

Chiho Nakama


She is a great professional. Very attentive, detail-oriented, and friendly. She can adapt and understand my needs very well. She is exactly what I was looking for, someone who supports me and accompanies me on this journey. Highly recommended!

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