Intestine: health or disease?

Intestino y salud

Recover your intestinal health: Taking care of your microbiota and restoring your balance

The intestine is the organ par excellence that determines our health, since through it we absorb nutrients, generate immunity and produce neurotransmitters responsible for our state of mind.

Various factors, such as stress, excessive consumption of medications (especially antibiotics), poor diet, genetics, repressed emotions and other unhealthy habits can alter the balance of intestinal flora , negatively affecting the diversity and quantity of beneficial microorganisms present in the intestine.

The intestinal mucosa is the body’s first line of defense, but in 90% of people this membrane is usually altered, causing a leaky or “punctured” intestine >. This allows the entry of waste, toxins, or poorly digested food into our body, causing dirt and a toxic accumulation that will generate symptoms such as: flatulence, soft stools, white or pasty tongue, fatigue, headache, joint pain, atopic skin, poor sleep, depression, nervousness, food intolerances, allergies, rhinitis, itching, repeated infections, loss of libido, etc.

For its part, our microbiota -responsible for immunity- is also altered, and this imbalance of the intestinal flora is called dysbiosis and can be aggravated by stress, excess medication, bad eating habits, genetics or repressed emotions, among others.

There are foods that alter permeability, also causing waste to deposit on the wall of the intestine and preventing proper absorption of nutrients. Hence the importance of identifying which foods are for or against each of us.

Intestinal transit and the type of stool are determinants of our health. A constipated patient is an intoxicated patient.

In summary, the more symptoms of dysbiosis we have, the more altered our intestinal health will be. And it is indicating that it is time to act and review our eating habits, putting a stop to the process. 

Allow me to accompany you to recover your health. 

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