My method

My working method begins with a diagnosis of the patient’s nutritional status in which I assess their eating habits -identifying mistakes to teach how to correct them– and study their medical history, looking for existing pathologies or symptoms to treat. For this, I develop a personalized dietary plan for the patient based on their requirements, conditions, habits, physical activity, preferences, and lifestyle.


1. Diagnosis

Personalized plan

2. Personalized Plan


3. Support

One of the keys to motivating my patients is to provide them with facilities when it comes to cooking, through simple and quick cooking recipes, with a weekly menu that I design together with the patient, who participates in the selection of the menus, whether they eat at home or out.

I teach them to select real and nutritious foods; to read labels and identify unhealthy products or additives, so as not to be trapped by misleading advertising, to be able to dine out without gaining weight, to compensate for excesses, etc.

I accompany my patients throughout the treatment until they have integrated the habit change.

My Working Method
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