School Menus

School Menus

Let’s walk together on the journey of growing day by day, nourishing ourselves healthily, taking care of our health and the environment, with a smile!

our children's menus

What Are My Children’s Menus Like?

Schools, summer camps, or any other spaces where our little ones spend a good part of the day can and should be places where they eat healthily.

The purpose of my menus is to make it easier for children to nourish themselves with organic, seasonal, and local food and become aware of the importance of caring for our planet and our health.

By consuming healthy and local food, we contribute to generating a fair and sustainable food system.

children's menus

How Do They Work?

My daily menus are carefully designed to meet the nutritional needs of elementary, secondary, and even boarding school students. They are balanced menus, made with healthy, seasonal ingredients, with reduced meat consumption replaced by plant-based protein, and free from added sugars and ultra-processed foods.

We also adapt the menus considering possible allergies, food intolerances, or any other reason (cultural, ethical, etc).

We make the most of our creativity and imagination to create very healthy food that is also appealing because the goal is not only for them to eat, but, in the long run, to learn to eat.

With balanced menus

Balanced Menus

Organic Menus

I offer a balanced and healthy menu that meets the nutritional needs of children. A sustainable menu to walk every day with our little diners on this journey called growth.

Local, Fresh, and Seasonal Food

We nourish ourselves, learn to respect ourselves, and take care of the environment. We seek ingredients from the local environment and zero kilometer sources.

Sensitized to those who need a personalized diet, we offer respectful menus, adapted and compatible with food allergies or intolerances and other cultural or ethical incompatibilities.

More Information and Budget

If you represent a collective catering center and are interested in receiving information about my services, call or contact us.

School Menus
Meals designed to be served in schools. According to the Law 17/2011 on food safety and nutrition, these menus must be created or reviewed by nutrition experts, such as dieticians-nutritionists. Their goal is to provide nutritional advice for school cafeterias, ensuring that the menus are balanced and suitable for students. This involves the monthly preparation of a general menu and, if necessary, special menus adapted to food allergies and intolerances.

Allergen Plan
Under Regulation 1169/2011, it is mandatory to provide clear information to consumers about the ingredients present in food through a list that must appear on the product labeling. This list must be easily understandable and readable for customers.
In addition, additional material will be developed to help customers understand the menu provided, especially regarding the presence of allergens in each dish. The goal is to enable customers to make informed decisions about which foods to consume, considering their food allergies or specific intolerances. In this way, consumers are empowered to make independent and safe decisions regarding their dietary choices.

Balanced menus for a healthy growth

Energy and well-being in every dish

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